The American Monster Burlesque & Blues Show

The American Monster Burlesque & Blues Show

A Sex, Booze & Dirty Blues Blog

The American Monster Burlesque & Blues Show - dancers led by Ms. Molly D'amour Hangin Out

A devilishly delightful fun sexy adventure into the un-chartered world of Bizarro-Erotic Burlesque. The American Monster Show is fronted by nomadic ringleader Pink Arguello together with an all-star troupe of badass dancers and musicians they put on a show like no other on Earth. Simply describing the AM Show as a Burlesque Show with a touch of dirty, greasy, grinding no holds bar spaghetti western wrestling pseudo psycho pulp fiction with Bluesy Creep Show over tones would be putting it mildly. A very colorful cast of under-achieving misfits sets out nightly to stir up trouble summon inner demons & entertain the masses- singing, dancing, drinking & doing more crazy ass wild vaudevillian stuff than you could ever imagine. This is very sexy loud brash blue humor musical Burlesque entertainment not for the timid or faint of heart however if you decide to enter the viewing arena you may just find yourself sweep away in the moment and have yourself one great freakishly fun good time! The American Monster Burlesque & Blues Show! -Do Not Miss it- Coming Live to Harvelles- July 7th Santa Monica location & 27th at Long Beach location.   

The American Monster Show Bizarro-Esque Burlesque.



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